Biografie: Renee Casselman

Renee Casselman

Renee Casselman

Docent bekkenbodemtraining, personal coach

“I am an educator of women’s health, wellness and well-being. I have
been coaching women from 16-55 for most of all of my adult life. My passion is to educate, inspire and support women in their goals of feeling great and having more freedom in their bodies.

As a Certified Personal Fitness Coach and Group Lesson Facilitator, I am able to offer both physical fitness and provide tools, knowledge and opportunity for my clients to reach heightened states of well-being and increased physcial performance. Over the years, I have seen many women struggling to look good by over-working, over-training and moving from a place of breathlessness. This contributes to a weak pelvic floor and core. It is my passion and dedication to educate and motivate women to find a deeper connection between their breath and  movement, as well as to build a stronger inner core system, that will ultimately create a feeling of support, strength and power, that is often what women are seeking.

I aim to create a tribe of women who are supporting each other through all phases of life, to have unlimted freedom and joy in their bodies. The side affect of this work is a deep respect for your bodies natural ability to look and feel awesome.”


Renee geeft op donderdagavond holistische bekkenbodemtraining bij het Eiland. Naast haar lessen op het Eiland, geeft Renee wekelijks een ‘Ladies Sunday In Balance class’. Deze lessen vinden plaats in de buitenlucht, tussen 10:30 en 12:00.

Het is ook mogelijk om persoonlijke begeleiding van Renee te krijgen. Op het gebied van bekkenbodemtraining, maar ook als je op een andere manier lekkerder in je vel zou willen komen te zitten.

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